Who is this program for?


 What can you expect?

• You will design your college or post-college path with purpose and with actionable steps to reach a desired destination

• You will clear the fog and the irrelevant noise (first step is becoming aware that it is there)

• You will release old stories that are holding you back

• You will be asked to justify your career plan in a supportive and curious way

• You will look at your current lot in life and seek out ways that you can improve. What small steps can you take to improve?

• You will define what “success” actually means to you

• You will discover (or claim) your innate gifts and talents, the traits that make you unique

• You will define your values and core interests and figure out how these fit into your life plan

• You will learn strategies for overcoming fear and resistance

• You will learn to make decisions from the person you are becoming as opposed to the person you are today



- The MBTI and DISC assessment tools are widely used in the business world and you can expect to take one or both of them if you are in any number of industries today. These are a good way to start to understand yourself and why you are the way you are.

- The assessments are quick and easy to take (there is no right or wrong answer). After completion we will set aside about an hour to review the results.


Group Coaching

- Groups of +/- 5 people

- 12 weekly zoom calls

- Weekly assignments and accountability

- Benefits: build a close knit group of friends and supporters + learn from others


1-on-1 Coaching

- Personality assessment + review

- 10 additional weekly sessions over the phone

- Weekly assignments and accountability

- Unlimited access to me via email and text

- This is the best and most effective way to find your purpose. We will work closely together to find a path that resonates with you.


Why am I doing this?

FIRST: We have all been brainwashed by the time we are 18 and head off to college. We’ve been taught that there are certain ways to act, certain ways to lead a ‘good’ life and that some career paths are more respectable than others. We’ve received plenty of advice and modeling from family and friends. We’ve been conditioned to believe certain things about ourselves, our abilities and about the world in general.

Maybe we’ve seen a model that says ‘making money is very important’ or one that says ‘making money is evil’. Maybe we’ve been taught that we need to get a graduate degree in order to be taken seriously by anyone. Maybe we’ve been raised to take over the family business. Whatever it is, we have a story that we tell ourselves, and if we are unaware of this story we will make non-resonant and unfulfilling life and career decisions.

My primary reason for doing this is to give you the space and encouragement to try to figure yourself out. It’s my goal to help wake you up to who you really are and to who you can become. In doing this work, you will find the meaningful and purposeful life and career path you seek.

SECOND: I think the college system is failing lots of kids. Increasingly, parents save for college because they see it as an insurance policy and want to be able to tell their friends “my son is at ________”. Most kids go to college because it’s expected of them and because everyone else is doing it. Society and the way we work have changed, and college continues to service the old model while selling exclusivity for big money.

There is a strong focus on getting in to the ‘right’ school. But once accepted, nobody asks college students what they are doing. Nobody asks them to justify their vague career plan. Many students leave just as clueless as they arrived but $100k in debt. From what I can tell, people are in need of guidance and support.

It’s my mission to try and rectify this situation, in whatever small way I can. There isn’t any greater purpose in life than trying to figure yourself out and to become conscious of what you are doing and why you are doing it. In taking on this responsibility, you not only benefit yourself but your family, your friends and society at large.

Final word…

Each of us carries a unique gift into the world, something tangible that is unique to us and can only be expressed through us. This is built into us and therefore we don’t need to go out in search of it, but we may need help in awakening us to our own inner strength. My mission is to empower you to manifest your gift. It’s what the world wants to see. It’s what the world needs.